Cerri Apps - Enterprise Collaboration Platform for Projects

Cerri Enterprise Apps is a project management platform - and so much more. With features like email to task and calendar synchronization, you can adapt the system to your team’s habits and allow them to work in their preferred environments. Cerri makes it simple to create tasks and manage projects, content and files in a project-ready environment with enterprise grade security and access on the go. Deploy Cerri in the cloud or on-premise.

Google Chrome and Microsoft Outlook plugins enable you to create personal and assigned tasks or convert emails into tasks, store documents from your email and store emails as records in Cerri, directly from your inbox. They also allow you and your team members to sync all your events from Cerri scheduler with your Google and Outlook calendars, and vice versa.

Cerri helps you access and share documents securely, organize your workspace with folders and customizable categories and follow-up on assigned tasks. It simplifies document management, file sharing, access control and permits project stakeholders to track deadlines and get notified with progress updates.

Turn emails to tasks
Manage and prioritize tasks
Plan projects
Assign tasks to others
Collaborate on documents, projects and tasks
View all project information in a single repository
Connect your calendars (with Outlook and Gmail)
Store and share files

Cerri is built by the same makers as Genius Project enterprise project management software.

Key Features

  • project collaboration
  • project management
  • task management
  • document management
  • turn emails into tasks
  • connect calendars
  • comment on tasks and projects



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