Cascade Strategy


The Cascade Execution Platform is a new way to run an organisation – providing a suite of seamlessly integrated strategy software modules, all designed with one simple purpose in mind, 'to make your vision happen.'
By putting strategy at the heart of everything, Cascade helps to build an aligned, cohesive, empowered and engaged workforce. Cascade puts strategy at the heart of any organisation.
Product features:
* Strategy planning: Helps to build the perfect strategic plan for the organisation, including vision, values, focus areas and goals. Customise the framework to precisely meet your needs, and create bespoke strategy frameworks based on your favourite methodologies.

* Goal & Project Management: Bring total alignment to your organisation, with goal management software that connects goals and projects directly back to strategy. Not only that, Cascade gives you all the tools you need to deliver and execute, from task management to collaboration.

* Dashboards & Reports: Cascade’s Dashboard Builder let’s you build drag-and-drop strategy dashboards, bringing together data from Cascade and 500+ other applications (including Excel). That’s on top of our suite of one-click reports, all fully branded for your organisation.

* Surveys: From staff engagement to strategic insights – build and deploy surveys that give you genuine insights into your strategy, your people or your customers. All within Cascade’s secure and robust ecosystem.

* Performance Management: Let Cascade handle all your appraisal and performance management needs, including 360 degree feedback. No more paper, no more groaning from your people at review time.

* Human Capital Management: Integrated human capital and talent management features including Role Descriptions, Talent Grids, and Potential Assessments give you incredible insights about your best asset – your people.

* Enterprise Features: Cascade is being used by some of the largest companies in the world. That’s why we’re relentless about offering a secure, robust, easy to integrate solution, coupled with enterprise-level support, training and deployment services.

And much more...

Key Features

  • Goal & Project Management
  • Strategy planning
  • Dashboards & Reports
  • Surveys
  • Performance Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Enterprise Features



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