awork is the next generation productivity tool for teams. It helps you plan, organise and track whatever work you do - hence the name “work management software”. Important features include:
- Project Management (like timelines etc.)
- Task Management (like todo lists, kanban boards etc.)
- Time Tracking
- Integrations with other work related tools (like slack, billing, file sharing, zapier etc.)

While most of these features exist elsewhere, awork puts a focus on smartness, automation, integration and beautiful design. For example:
- direct calendar integration for faster time tracking,
- automated tracking based on your computer’s activity,
- smart project templates,
- voice assistant integration (like the Google Assistant)
- very sleek and beautifully designed interfaces and apps

awork is super productive. In fact, it’s the most productive software you have ever seen. It’s also fun. We hate boring. awork is a digital assistant - so almost your personal productivity butler - and smarter than anybody else out there. Things that we want to be associated with: productivity, smartness, artificial intelligence, new work, state of the art technology, clean design language, perfect user experiences.

awork ist for people (mostly teams) who do their professional work in projects or project-like tasks. Some examples are: people working in creative agencies, consultants, software developers, architects… we address people who are already leaning towards digital products.

Key Features

  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Integrations with other work related tools
  • smartness
  • automation
  • beautiful design
  • voice assistant integration



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