ZINE’s powerful technology applies a data-driven approach to influencer marketing. ZINE has the most advanced follower demographics on over 50,000 influencers and an intuitive search which enables brands to run highly targeted influencer marketing campaigns at scale.

ZINE uses its advanced analytics to connect brands with the right influencers, then optimise campaign performance with a completely digital workflow, reducing the time campaign managers need to spend on research, execution and post-campaign reporting. Features like ZINE’s ‘Content Approval’ allows users to work collaboratively with influencers, colleagues and clients - so the right content is delivered, faster. In addition, brands and agencies who have already build upon their network of influencers with proprietary networks.

ZINE built its influencer database, and made strong connections with influencers through creating its free digital media kit which allows influencers use to showcase their audience to brands, whether or not they use ZINE. The media kit shows an updated breakdown of follower growth, demographics, engagement rates and content across Instagram, YouTube, Google Analytics, blogs and Facebook. In addition to the free digital media kit, ZINE helps influencers to understand and grow their audiences with audience insights.

ZINE’s mission is to raise standards in the influencer marketing space through increased transparency and uses technology to increase the efficiency of campaign management.

Key Features

  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Automated Reporting
  • End-to-End Campaign Management
  • Opt-In Database
  • Intuitive Search
  • Digital Proposals
  • Proprietary Networks
  • Digital Content Approval
  • Tagging & Favourites
  • Digital Campaign Briefs
  • Campaign Inbox



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