Tweepsmap is social media marketing platform providing actionable intelligence to engage your audience based on their location, what they say, and who they are. Coupled with Tweepsmap’s analysis of accounts you don’t own, as well as the ability to research any hashtag and topic – Tweepsmap is an all-in-one platform providing unmatched insight to drive engagement, identify new opportunities and increase revenue.

With deep insight on your audience, segmenting them by criteria that suits your business, and engaging them in a targeted fashion - Tweepsmap is tackling the holy grail of effective marketing, specifically addressing the following business challenges:

• Knowing your audience by location and demographics
• Building targeted lists for marketing and ad campaigns
• Reaching out to a sub-segment of your audience
• Curating influencers and analyzing them
• Growing audience by criteria relevant to your business
• Curating accounts based on demographics, interests and location for lead generation purposes
• Analyzing any topic, including setting alerts on topics important to your business

Our all-in-one SaaS social marketing platform combines audience intelligence with extensive publishing and tools to drive targeted social media campaigns; highlight of capabilities include:

• Community Analysis – Understand what your followers are talking about, segment them by location and demographics, list and export them for marketing and ad strategies
• Community Building – Grow your community based on your criteria
• Campaign tool - Targeted and driven by the audience insight, reach and converse with a sub-segment of your audience; run multiple automated campaigns
• Analyze Anyone – Curate and analyze any Twitter account or lists
• Research any Topic – See how any hashtag/topic travels around the globe. Set alerts on topics of interest to you

Key Features

  • • Community Analysis
  • • Audience segmentation
  • • Live followers location map
  • • Tweet calendar optimized by location or content
  • • Community growth tool
  • • Targeted and personalized Campaign tool
  • • Engagement dashboard
  • • Curation and analysis of Twitter accounts
  • • Influencer analysis
  • • Research any Topic or hashtag
  • • Set alerts on topic of interest



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