SocioAdvocacy is the quintessential Employee Advocacy tool that lets your employees discover your official marketing communication and share it with their external social networks, in turn generating positive conversations and sales for your company. It allows you to make a provision for your employees to earn reward points for engaging with and sharing the content that makes the advocacy program gamified.

SocioAdvocacy also lets you track the effectiveness of advocacy marketing across social media, hence improving it with real-time feedback.

Some of the distinctive features include:
One click sharing: Easy to use, No-Nonsense interface.
Employee Rewarding: Employees can be gratified each time they share.
Real-time Reporting: Track how effective your official communication is.
Cross-Platform: Use it on web, Android and iOS devices.

Who Benefits from SocioAdvocacy?
1. Marketing Team: The marketing team can reach out to a larger audience in a more trustworthy way. Studies show that a message from an employee is trusted more than that from even the CEO.
2. Communications Team: Your communications will get a boost because you don’t have to email your employees each time a post goes up. Employees can easily see what you want them to share with their network.
3. HR Team: Your employees might have the most potential candidates in their existing networks. Hence, getting them to share your company’s branding content and vacancies might get you the right talent.
4. Company Employees: When your employees share the branding content, they also increase the perceived value of their work. Also, they get rewarded for their participation.

Key Features

  • Employee Brand Advocacy
  • One click sharing
  • Employee Rewarding
  • Realtime Reporting
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Employee Engagement



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