Shakr makes it drag-and-drop simple for small businesses and individuals to create professional-quality videos using photos and video clips. Simply choose a video design you like (we've got 400+ to choose from), add your images/video clips and text, and in a few minutes you get a professional looking video sent to your email address.

A simple new way of making videos
Choose from hundreds of video designs by top motion graphic artists from around the world to make your own professional looking video in minutes.

No previous knowledge required.

Choose from a wide selection of high-quality video designs made by professional designers. We’re constantly adding more designs, so you’ll never run out of creativity.

Big brands with deep pockets have been earning big, thanks to the effectiveness of video. Now it's your turn. Video is the most powerful storytelling medium and with Shakr it's finally easier and cheaper than ever to produce amazing looking videos.

Shakr gives you the ability to create stunning, professional looking video that is sure to wow your viewers.

With Shakr you can make many different kinds of videos. What they all have in common is that they help you boost your business, whether through better engagement rates on your social media channels, higher conversion rates in your e-commerce store, increasing brand awareness through online videos ads, or attracting passersby to your business location.

Go create your first amazing video.

Key Features

  • Video ad creation
  • Drag-and-drop easy video creation
  • Make awesome video ads
  • Make product videos for your website
  • Make videos for social media



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