RocketLink is URL shortener that lets marketers, bloggers and entrepreneurs add retargeting pixels to any link they share so anyone who clicks can become their target audience in multiple ad platforms.

1. Setup your pixels
Add all your retargeting codes to your account you wish to use when creating links

2. Paste your link
Just shorten the link you want to share to RocketLink dashboard and connect with preconfigured features

3. Share
Share shortened link with your audience, social media fans and let them click it and share further

4. Analyze and retarget
Create custom audience of people who clicked your link and reach them with very accurate ads

RocketLink is great for bloggers, entrepreneurs and brands. Everyone who shares any links will find it useful. If you don't share links it is not for you or you should start sharing and grow your business.

Be everywhere
Post RocketLinks on any kind of social media, blogs, forums your audience may be.

Go viral
Share content that is attractive for your target audience and they will share it further for you.

Use newsletters
Send your links with email campaigns to reach new users.

Analyze clicks of your links to learn what kind of content is prefered and by whom.

We are so excited and proud of our product it is hard to stop. That is why RocketLink is under constant development. We are working on huge amount of mindblowing features that will launch your business to the Stratosphere. New ad platforms integrations are going to be released soon.

Key Features

  • Retargeting
  • Analytics



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