Publing is a social media aggregator that collects social media posts related to a business and shows these posts to their customers on a website or an indoor screen. Publing helps businesses to showcase the social media content related them.

Social Media Aggregator is a complex distributed software which periodically collects social media posts from the platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and stores the metadata of these posts in the database. Finally, it makes available to display these posts on a web page or a screen, after the moderation process.

Publing is an innovative marketing solution compiles posts related to the business, which converts the intention of sharing social media content into marketing power for the business in an easy way. Publing displays social media content on a single display and allows website owners to embed this display into a website in minutes. Furthermore, it gives an opportunity to display the content on a live screen. Publing has a wide area of application including retailers, restaurants, hotels, cafes, pubs, gyms, venues etc.

Publing helps businesses and brands to create a cutting-edge communication strategy with a little effort and budget and also helps internet users to reach diverse and quality content about a company.

Publing answers 4 main questions of digital marketing requirements of small businesses.

* How can we reach more customers/users on social media?
* How can we increase organic engagement on social media?
* How can we create an effective communication with the customers on social media?
* How can we increase the number of visitors to the website and make the content more dynamic?

Key Features

  • Social Media Aggregation
  • Advanced Content Moderation
  • Various Screen Design/Layouts
  • Customisable Screens
  • Content API
  • Advanced Content Filtering/Rule Engine
  • Analytics
  • Profanity Filtering
  • Call-to-action Buttons
  • Team Collaboration
  • Role Management



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