Overview is a self service social media marketing platform for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. It offers publishing, engagement and competitive analytics and is used by organizations of different sizes – from global brands to advertising agencies to small business owners. We have been the official Facebook Marketing Partner since 2012.

NapoleonCat offers a complete range of analyses:
- single profile analysis for owned and competitors’ channels,
- comparative analytics for multiple channels of the same types,
- Instagram hashtag analysis,
- executive analysis of profiles of different types – so called “social footprint” that helps track and compare brand efforts across different platforms,
comparative “social footprint” analytics that allow benchmarking different brands across multiple platforms.

With NapoleonCat you can create beautiful, information rich reports that will be delivered automatically to your or your client's inbox. And if needed, all data can be exported to XLS for further analysis, as well as graphs and tables shown in NapoleonCat's dashboards.

Besides social media analytics, NapoleonCat offers publishing, community engagement and social CRM features that make it a complete social media marketing dashboard.

Publishing process and managing many Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts can be easy. NapoleonCat offers simultaneous publication to many channels and group work with customized publication flow designs.

Individually designed post flows allow to control publishing processes across teams and organizations. Just assign content creators and as many levels of content reviewers as needed. Include your clients in decision making process without Excel sheet sign-offs or tons of e-mails exchanged.

Measure ROI on social media content distribution. Add Google Analytics UTM tags automatically to all links published through NapoleonCat on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to see how your efforts translate to website visits, leads or revenue generated. You only need to define them once for each channel, which saves your time and helps to keep consistent data no matter who pushes the “Publish” button.

Social media inbox offers simplified management of multiple Facebook Instagram, and Twitter profiles in one place. Moderators can reply to, delete, flag or just mark as read all the comments, mentions, fan posts and private messages. Eliminate embarrassing account switching mistakes of your team of moderators and avoid bad publicity due to human error.

Set automatic moderation rules for your Facebook and Instagram profiles to boost your response time and fan engagement. You can set rules for posts, comments or even private messages with specific keywords and content elements such as links. NapoleonCat will automatically publish an answer, alert the designated person via e-mail and even delete unwanted content. Eliminate spam content and increase your social customer care to get more love from your fans.

Get alerted via e-mail or SMS about new stuff published on your or your competitors’ profiles. Thanks to alerts you no longer have to sit in front of the computer 24/7 to make sure you’re not missing on a massive discussion on your profile. Just let NapoleonCat wake you up when there are more than a hundred comments published within 30 minutes or someone mentions a brand other than yours.

Key Features

  • Own social media profiles reporting
  • Competitive social media profiles reporting
  • Comparative reporting
  • Automated reporting in PDF format
  • Data exports to XLS
  • Integrated publishing for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
  • Integrated social inbox for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Instagram hashtags analytics
  • Advanced publishing processes
  • Automated moderation
  • E-mail and SMS alerts



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