KlickLeads is a URL shortener service which allows you to re target leads from social media posts, blogs, videos and any other type of digital content by sticking ad platforms pixels to content from external sources.
Short URL services like, (owned by Google) and Tiny URL have for years given us a means to track which platforms our links are shared on, the number of clicks they receive and the locations they are clicked from.On the other hand, KlickLeads is about re targeting pixels. More specifically, it allows you to add a re targeting pixel to every link you want to share.
KlickLeads is about re targeting pixels. It allows you to add one or more re targeting pixel per shorten URL. One of your KlickLeads links can contain a re targeting pixel from different ads platforms. It means you can re target content to people who have not only visited your site but also who have clicked on the links you share.
Apart from URL shortening service, KlickLeads also provides easy and effective link management platform where user can get a detailed analytics on the link shared by you. KlickLeads also comes with the facility of creating custom branded shorten URL and conversion of your re targeting shorten URL to QR code so that user can map their offline marketing efforts to effective data points.
It takes less than a minute to set up and grows your right social media audience completely on autopilot. So in short KlickLeads not only makes your URL short but also convert them into a effective and measurable marketing tool.

Key Features

  • URL shortening
  • Custom audience retargeting on multiple ad platforms like facebook, twitter etc.
  • Link management and detaild link analytics
  • Conversion of short URL to QR code for offline marketing efforts
  • Custom branded short URL



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