It is all about data! InfluencerDB is the Data-Driven Software for Influencer Research.

We provide you a solution, with both technological advancement and personal expertise for Influencer Marketing. The software not only supports researching and selecting the best-in-class influencers on the market, but also acts as a facilitator for monitoring your marketing campaign as well as your own brand social media channel.

Our competitive advantages are:

+ Earned Media Value Calculator: allowing the software to calculate the MEDIA VALUE that each influencer can generate per post. This feature help you not only to have the fullest judgement of the influencer's performance but also to scout micro-influencer and optimize the budget for your influencer marketing campaign.

+ Target Group Analysis: analyzing the audiences of each influencer's profile based on their countries, gender and quality and combine into one Quality Grade. This feature shows you who the audiences of this influencer are and whether they are real people and whether they really "follow" this influencer or not. The better the grade, the more organic that profile is.

+ Outgoing Mention: text-mining feature showing which brands are mentioned by the influencer. This features allows you to identify previous, current and potential partnership between an influencer and a brand, keeps you notice of competitor's campaign in order to design/ adapt your marketing strategy.

+ Customer Success: We are proud of our customer service. As a solution provider, our staffs are proactively helping our customers to achieve their goal while using our product. Our mission is to optimize your experience with our tool, give you transparent data and useful information for making decision and create more value in order to maintain our relationships for life.

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Key Features

  • Influencer Scouting
  • Target Group Analysis
  • Influencer Deep Analysis & Report
  • Outgoing Mention
  • Earn Media Value Calculator
  • Advanced Search & Filter
  • Social Media Management



Starting from:
€179 / month
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