Chatbots-builder is a platform for building Facebook Messenger chatbots. It’s an online tool that its customers can use to create and register bots for Facebook pages they manage, specifying for each bot a set of “answers” triggered by words typed by the users chatting on Messenger with that specific page.

The main target market for this tool are small & medium agencies and professionals that already offer social and digital marketing services to their customers. Chatbots-builder allows them to offer additional services and features to their existing clients base, up-selling and cross-selling Facebook Messenger marketing services to increase earnings and build new, recurring revenue streams.

This platform:
- is simple and effective so agencies can quickly create new bots and even their customers can manage and use them
- has a set or ready-made templates for various types of businesses (hotels, restaurants, web agencies, salons, professionals) so agencies and customers can build chatbots very easily
- includes a set of tools that immediately produce measurable business results such as appointments scheduler (more appointments), lead collection forms (more leads), click-to-call and click-to-email buttons (more calls and contacts), restaurant menus, carousels of images, business hours management and more to boost engagement, capture more leads and grow business volume
- offers a set of analytics features that can help customers understand the ROI of their investment, empowering agencies to clearly show the value they are providing and the results they are bringing home

Key Features

  • Easily build Facebook Messenger chatbots
  • Automatically collect leads on Messenger
  • Create marketing automation funnels for your Messenger contacts
  • Show RSS feeds, carousels and listings on Messenger
  • Resell all this to customers - increase and build new revenue streams



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