BigBangram is a multitask service, that is used for Instagram accounts promotion. The tool helps to create a solid Instagram strategy with a minimum budget.
Bigbangram is an all-in-one Instagram promotion bot: auto follow, auto like, auto comment, auto unfollow, multiple accounts management, promotion by chosen account's followers, promotion by hashtags and location, free proxy. In addition, you can get a free setup of your first advertising campaign or get full control of account promotion by a team of SMM specialists.
Additionally, the service provides Instagram Direct Message tool that sends direct messages to your current, certain and new followers. It is developed to keep up with Instagram policy.
Comment Tracker is a tool that is made for the convenience of online business. It’s a separate web-interface, that allows to view, reply or delete comments. A user can mark comments as important or resolved. The tool is quite useful for managing leads to a successful sale.
Posting Module plans publications on a chosen day and time. Сombined with analytical data it’s easy to plan and analyze the ER of different types of content. It allows video posting, photos resizing, post removal timing. Plus you can buy likes for the post to get an immediate increase of ER.

Users can also buy Instagram likes&followers. Plus BigBangram can offer to buy rates not only for Instagram but for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, Linkedin, Spotify, Pinterest Google+, Soundcloud etc.

Key Features

  • all-in-one Instagram Bot
  • Instagram DM tool
  • Posting Module
  • Comment Tracker
  • Buying any rate in any SNS
  • 24/7 technical support



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