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With this software, you can protect or add which you want to add to your photos or images with a noticeable image, pattern or text embedded in your image. To know more Visit our website.
You can download it for various OS such as Mac & Windows. The trial version is free and if you want to purchase it for your Personal Use or non-institutional environment.
Software comes with following Packages:
Basic Version--- $27
Pro Version---- $35
and if you interested in Purchasing a Business or Institutional . Then it comes in $119.25 USD as whole. Link: http://maplelabs.ca/watermark-software

Sorts of Watermarking:

* Visible Watermarking

* Invisible Watermarking

Noticeable Watermarking

As its name suggests, the data is unmistakable in the photo or video. It can likewise be called as printed watermarks. The data might be a content or logo which recognizes the proprietor of the media.

In the photo underneath, a TV supporter added its logo to the side of its transmitted video, is a case of noticeable watermarking. The following is a specimen picture where you would experience be able to watermarking, you will locate a little picture at the correct base corner which is overlaid over the essential picture/video.

It's imperative to overlay the watermark such that it is hard to expel.

Undetectable Watermarking

Undetectable watermarks are intended to be totally imperceptible. On account of Audio, it's totally quiet. A critical utilization of undetectable watermarking is in the territory of copyright assurance frameworks, which helps in anticipating unapproved replicating of computerized media.

An undetectable watermark is an overlaid picture which can't be seen yet can be identified algorithmically.

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