TraciFy is a unified logistics and fleet management platform for enterprises. It provides delivery management, fleet optimization, telematics and business collaboration solutions for small, medium and large brands in the logistics and transport sector.
TraciFy is a professional-grade cloud hosted software that meets the end-to-end needs of your delivery business. If you are a carrier, freight broker, courier, or dispatching service, your business can become more effective and save money with TraciFy delivery software.
TraciFy’s powerful delivery technology platform provides the real-time capabilities
required for companies to match today’s global logistical excellence in terms of both
operational efficiency and customer experience.
Our comprehensive logistics management solution was designed from the ground up to
help enterprises streamline their entire delivery ecosystem – from their headquarters to
the field and all the way to the customer – creating a frictionless last mile delivery
experience on the frontend while improving efficiencies and visibility on the backend.
TraciFy’s platform can be configured to fully address specific customer requirements in
terms of branding, operations and management. A robust highly-scalable delivery
logistics software, it was built on enterprise-grade architecture that enables it to reliably
and securely handle huge amounts of data moving concurrently through the system.
Our flexible platform can be seamlessly integrated into any existing enterprise system,
including ordering, inventory, supply chain, eCommerce, billing and more. The system
incorporates state-of-the-art big data analysis, strong data security and robust privacy protections making it ready for enterprise-level implementations. Some key features of
our delivery management solution are:

Dispatchers are at the heart of the delivery operations team. They’re the ones who
typically handle all the ongoing tasks, interface with drivers, make sure customers are
happy, and generally keep the process flowing smoothly. Dispatchers need to maintain
control over all ongoing deliveries and the drivers on the road, even when there’s a high
volume of deliveries and things get hectic.
TraciFy provides the operations team in general, and dispatchers in particular, the
flexibility they need to ensure that deliveries run smoothly and any exceptions are
handled quickly and accurately. The platform offers a variety of dispatching modes
(manual and automated) that can be used based on specific management requirements
and preferences – all providing real-time visibility across the entire delivery ecosystem.
When your drivers are on the road, they’re executing the most important task involved in
the most important touch point you have with your customers. That’s a lot of
responsibility! In this crucial step of your last-mile operations, the saying “knowledge is
power” couldn’t ring any truer.
Accurate, real-time visibility into the location of drivers not only equips businesses with
crucial information that allows them to significantly improve operational efficiency. It
also allows them to deliver a truly exceptional customer experience. That’s the power of
TraciFy’s Smart Tracking feature.
The fully customizable Smart Tracking feature gives dispatchers insight into the current
location of drivers who are on the road with deliveries. The feature can be implemented
along with smart alerts designed by the business to immediately inform dispatchers of
any outstanding situations they can then act upon quickly.
Businesses can also choose to enable this visibility feature for their customers, giving
them the much appreciated freedom to control the use of their time without needing to
worry about missing their delivery. Customers can use the Smart Tracking SMS link (no
download required) to see exactly where the driver is with their package in real-time, and
know whether they have enough time for a quick errand before their delivery arrives.
In the age of Amazon, customer expectations and standards have soared when it comes
to delivery. While in the past customers may have settled for lengthy waiting times with
no visibility into order status, today we all expect convenience, timeliness, transparency
and direct communications. Customers now expect seamless experiences with fast
deliveries that arrive at the time and place they find most convenient. In order to remain
relevant, every company that delivers must evolve by becoming much more agile and
efficient across their entire delivery ecosystem.
Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers of all types can now match their customers’
expectations with last mile delivery excellence in terms of operational efficiency and
customer experience. TraciFy’s powerful delivery technology platform will help you
streamline the way you deliver and create a fully-controlled frictionless experience for
everyone – with full visibility for management as well as the end-customer with real-time
delivery tracking during the final mile of delivery – all while maintaining full control over
your brand and cost structure.
Customers receive an SMS link (no download required) which enables them to track their
deliveries in real-time on a live map similar to the tracking maps available on ride hailing
Communicate directly with the driver so they can notify them regarding any specific
requests or questions about their delivery.
Receive dynamic personalized alerts regarding the status of their order.
Rate the delivery experience and provide feedback.
Drivers, knowing that they are being monitored, will improve on their driving habits and
increase compliance with safety standards thereby reducing rate of accidents and other
unwanted incidences.
Our customer ratings and reviews feature creates extra incentive for drivers to bring out
their best while they complete a delivery.
TraciFy enables direct, real-time communication via text message or phone call between
the dispatcher, driver and customer. Companies using this feature can choose what level
of communication to enable between customers and drivers.
This feature also enables direct communication with the customer without tying
customers to the TraciFy app. Customer messages are always received via regular text
messaging, while incoming and outgoing messages to drivers and dispatchers are
conveniently kept within the TraciFy app. This easy-to-use communication tool keeps
customers in-the-know about the status of their delivery while also granting them the
unique ability to immediately update the driver or dispatcher of any last-minute changes
or requests. From the business side, the feature eliminates the traditional process of a
dispatcher needing to hunt for driver contact information in order to update them about
a customer complaint, or check in on the status of a delivery. With Direct
Communications, dispatchers and drivers can communicate quickly and efficiently to
keep each other, and customers, informed about any unforeseen updates or issues.
In today’s highly competitive e-commerce landscape – where shoppers can easily use the
Internet to find the deals and delivery options that suit them best – providing a positive
last-mile delivery experience has never been more important. This is amplified by the fact
that for many brands, the delivery experience is the single offline touch point they have
with customers, making it one of the most important opportunities to please customers
and foster long-term, loyal relationships.
Delighting customers during the delivery experience isn’t only helping brands generate
the loyal customer base that keeps businesses thriving. It also offers the opportunity to
develop brand awareness and stand apart from competition.
With TraciFy Customer Reviews and Ratings feature, once a customer has received their
deliveries, they are automatically sent an SMS linking to an HTML web-based app to rate
the driver and overall delivery experience. No one should stay in the dark about a
customer’s feedback. Customer Ratings can be set up to automatically notify drivers and
dispatchers of a rating they received—providing the immediate insight needed to take
action quickly if any issues need to be resolved.
The driver app is an integral part of the TraciFy platform, providing everything drivers
need to efficiently manage their deliveries, completely hands-free:
-Communicate and share location with managers, dispatchers and customers
- Receive tasks and detailed order info and easily navigate to delivery destinations
- Maintain proof of delivery and chain of custody for full control of the supply chain
- Collect information, photos, forms, comments and signatures
Delivery professionals know all too well that with different companies and different types
of items being delivered, there are varying types of proof that need to be collected at the
point of delivery. Proof of delivery might include enforceable signatures, real-time
photographs, notes, forms, scanned barcodes—or a combination of any of these.
Ensuring that drivers collect proof of delivery—and that it’s the right type of proof—
presents delivery companies with a hurdle they must carefully overcome on a regular
Introducing TraciFy’s Proof of Delivery feature—designed to ease the burden on drivers
during this final delivery process while helping companies stay efficient.

Key Features

  • Driver app, realtime driver tracking, flexible dispatching, route optimization, google maps integration, mobile first approach, customers booking feature, flexible reporting, cloud based software, white label branding



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