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Webtexttool is made for anyone who creates web content. No matter how much you know about SEO, text conversion or keyword analyses, webtexttool makes sure you’ll create rank boosting web content.

Webtexttool helps you create better converting and higher ranking content:
1) Helps you find the best keywords and concepts for your content by doing extensive, realtime keyword and (competitor) content analysis
2) Provides realtime optimizations suggestions while (re)writing your content - with predictive suggestions based on analysis of 10,000's of pages
3) Monitors the optimization scores and the Google Rankings of your content - so you know when to act and can follow the results of your work

Additional features are : content quality analysis, readability checks, sentiment analysis, content inspiration module and competition checkers.

Webtexttool offers collaboration options, so you can work on content with your team, customers and freelancers.

Webtexttool creates predictive data, by analyzing the data of all our users (anonymously). 10.000+ user generated texts are analyzed and compared to real-world outcomes. The best performing outcomes are used to better our real-time optimization tips.

Webtexttool is available as an online application, but also offers several plugins and integrations with popular CMS's and eCommerce platforms.

Webtexttool is a young, fast-growing company that assists 10.000s of users on a daily basis with real-time predictive tips to optimize SEO scores, to optimize text conversions and to get the best available keywords.

Key Features

  • Keyword analysis
  • Content optimization
  • Google rank monitoring
  • Content inspiration
  • Competition checker
  • Realtime SEO
  • Analyse competitor content
  • Integrations with CMS and eCommerce platforms
  • Content Quality Suggestions
  • Content analysis



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€ 15 / month
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