Two sets of core features that are keyword research tool and a backlink tracking tool.
Keyword research tool to look for long-tail keywords that have high traffic and low competition and creating content based on those long-tail keywords and ranking in the SERPS. I have rank several of my blog posts first place for some of the long-tail keywords as it is easier to rank than for the generic and broad keywords that most competitors have the resources for
A backlink tracking tool to look for any backlinks to and from your website. It doesn't matter how easily you rank for keywords if you don't have any backlinks to the content you are ranking for.
Backlinks and SEO go together you cannot have one without the other. Backlinks are still the most crucial Google Ranking factor as they provide a clear signal about the website and inform how authentic it is regarding relevance and quality. That is why every SEO includes backlinks, and also it is not possible to rank without the backlinks.
Outrankio also has a beautiful, simple and easy to use UI/UX dashboard that I believe should be easy for the users to navigate through and find it easy to look for long tail keywords and backlinks.
At Outrankio, we believe that there should be an easier way to market SEO and it is one of the most saturated due to the abundant knowledge in the web and the least understood about. There should be more transparency about how SEO works and through Outrankio, we are excited to simplify SEO for everyone.

Key Features

  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Backlink Tracking Tool



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$10/a month
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