Fons is a web-based platform and an app that integrates scheduling and billing into one.
What you get by signing up for Fons:

Streamline Your Business
Using Fons is as easy as sending an appointment invite to a client. We’ll take care of the rest! This gives you the freedom to focus on providing your clients with the very best you can offer.

Customizable invites & notifications
Simply upload your logo, then edit, preview and test invites and notifications before they’re sent. We’ll take care of the rest! This ensures your clients have a consistent and enjoyable experience with your business.

Flexible billing models
At the previously agreed upon time (per appointment or subscription) your client’s payment is automatically processed and deposited directly into your bank account.

Automatic Payments & Deposits
Clients pay for their appointments on a per appointment or subscription basis. This allows you to have clients on different payment schedules. Payments will process according to each client’s appointment settings and are deposited automatically into your designated bank account. You’ll receive a notification of these payments and your clients will receive a receipt as well.

Simple Scheduling & Adjustable Office Hours
Current and new clients can request times in your availability through your office hours. Providers can make changes to their default availability or as the need arises in their Organization Settings.

Public Booking Links
Use your public Fons link to empower even your brand new clients to find the appointment times that work best for them. (feature coming Summer 2018! So exciting!)

Customized Settings
Adjust your scheduling settings to allow new clients to request a free meet-n-greet appointment or to ask for payment up front.

Sync Your Fons Calendar
Sync your Fons calendar with the rest of your life. Fons is compatible with most digital calendar devices.

Stress-Free Policies
We will gently & firmly enforce your billing and payment policies by making them simple and upfront. After accepting their first appointment invitation, clients agree to your cancellation and payment policies.

Automatic Reminders
Fons reminds your clients about upcoming appointments, failed payments, and enforces cancellation policies on your behalf.

Cancellation Window
If a client requests to cancel their appointment within your cancellation policy window, Fons gives you the option to enforce your cancellation policy.

No more chasing payments
Things do happen. If a client’s card is declined for any reason (expired information, insufficient funds, etc.) you’ll receive a notification and the client is automatically prompted to update their correct information. We will attempt to process their card 3 times.

Hassle-free refunds
Should you need to do for any reason, refunding clients is easy and free.

Families as Clients
We’ve retained the utmost security and flexibility for businesses working with families and children as clients. Any client can add a family member to their Fons account. This allows multiple family members to manage their calendar and payments with a single form of payment.

Group Appointments & Classes
For businesses offering group appointments or classes, we’ve got you covered! Create the group appointment, add any important information, and send the invite to all or some of your clients. Or send out an email with the registration link for that appointment or class!

Reporting & Records
View the status of various payments and appointments in the Billing area of your Fons account. This makes reporting, bookkeeping, and end-of-year tasks super easy. Reports are generated for a range of dates and are automatically downloaded.

Unlimited appointments. Unlimited Clients.
Add as many clients as you’d like! Send as many appointments as your calendar permits! We built Fons to empower the sustainability of your business, so the sky’s the limit!

Key Features

  • Simplified scheduling
  • Flexible billing options
  • Automatic client payments
  • Minimizes No-shows
  • Upfront cancellation policy
  • Unlimited clients and appointments



Starting from:
$ 9.95/month
Pricing model:
Free Trial:
14-day trial (No Credit Card required)

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