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Save hours of research. No UI. No Login. No App to download.

Just instant insights to your inbox from your dedicated research assistant – Dynamo.

Simply email a company name to [email protected] and receive an instant company briefing.

Dynamo is a Virtual Sales Assistant built for Sellers to get target account research insights anytime anywhere that's relevant to the products he/she sells and to whom - to accelerate sales. Dynamo has three value sets: 1) Company Intelligence 2) People Intelligence and 3) Insider Intelligence.

Dynamo instantly discovers what you need to know about private and public companies. No login required, always available, Dynamo works in natural language via email to inform you on the latest account-based insights - relevant to the products, industry and decision makers that matter the most to you. We have a virtuous data cycle that's implemented through a decentralized BOT to provide powerful intelligence for sellers.

Whether it’s a first-time meeting or catching up with a customer, Dynamo preps high-performing B2B professionals with a smart briefing so they don’t burn time digging around in the inbox, searching the web, asking multiple colleagues, or sifting through the CRM to get up to speed.

Dynamo.ai, Inc. is a New York City based software firm that works tirelessly to provide B2B professionals with the finest data and technology so they are armed with the vital insights required to win & serve their target accounts.

Key Features

  • News
  • Company info
  • Suggested contacts
  • Social profiles (company + contacts)
  • Email addresses
  • Work from your email inbox
  • No UI
  • No App to download
  • No login credentials



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