Sales Decision Engine


“Sales Decision Engine'' is an advanced sales enablement platform which helps sales operations transform into high-performance organizations. Sales Decision Engine provides Sales Operations with complete visibility and control of the sales process and helps in delivering actionable insights for better decision making. SDE easily integrates with CRM systems and can be customized for any business environment.

Benefits :

1) Predict outcomes better
Predicting outcomes is now easier than ever. Using Sales Decision Engine, now Sales Operations teams can uncover ways to trim inefficiency and improve sales productivity. 1.2% to 1.5% sales forecast rounding is not such a big deal but it adds up. Sales Decision Engine circumvents the problem and creates dependable forecasts.

- Visibility across customer, sales, revenue and pipeline
- Accurate and dependable sales forecast
- Identify the opportunities likely to convert into a sale

2)Act opportunistically & improve processes
Sales Decision Engine enables Sales Operations to measure and identify improvement areas and also helps to improve sales teams' success rate in closing deals.

- Uncover levers to improve sales performance
- Recognize strategic intervention points

Key Features

1) Predict pipeline : Robust short & medium term forecasts linked to underlying drivers using macro & market view
2) Predict sales velocity : Understand drivers of sales velocity & sales cycle and predict these drivers
3) Understand At-Risk Teams : Understand At Risk Teams /individuals ahead of time for greater focus and support to improve outcomes
4) Visibility with Benchmarking : View of expected revenue and actions required to meet plan numbers with benchmarking against peers
5) Focus on drivers of performance : Focus on key drivers of performance to drive proactive mentoring & support to improve productivity
6) Opportunity scoring : Ascribe propensity score to convert for each opportunity based on characteristics to help define pursuit strategy
7) Compliance score for CRM : Creating a predictable pipeline with compliance scores

Key Features

  • Embedded Analytics
  • Feature Extraction and Feature Engineering
  • Pipeline Forecasting and Bookings Prediction
  • Scoring of leads & opportunities
  • Lead Generation
  • Advanced reporting
  • Behavioral Analytics



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