SuperSaaS offers online appointment booking solutions. Our software is affordable, extremely flexible and yet super easy to use. A wide range of customizable features lets you create the perfect appointment schedule to suit your needs.

Our online step-by-step guidelines ensure that your schedule is up and running in minutes. If you have any questions about system settings, we offer detailed tutorials and excellent customer support.

Your schedule can be integrated into your websiteFacebook page. If you prefer, it can also be presented standalone with its own web address.

Every aspect of the booking process can be customized, from resources to capacities, colour schemes and logos, as well as adding waiting lists, repeat bookings and payment options. You can require users to sign up to skip this step entirely.

One of SuperSaaS’s best features is that you can connect multiple schedules so that an appointment can be checked against the availability of all the resources and people required for the booking in one go.

If you need to collect more details from your customers, you can customize forms. These can also be integrated into your website, presented as part of the registration booking process or standalone forms.

SuperSaaS has more than 29 different languages and currencies and supports many different SMS gateways. Customers from all over the world use SuperSaaS because of its immense flexibility: from corporates to municipalities, schools, health practices and gyms.

They all use the system for different types of scheduling needs, such booking appointments, interviews, seminars, classes, meeting rooms, fitness sessions, renting equipment and booking accommodation.

Key Features

  • Customizable scheduling
  • Payment processing
  • Easy integration
  • Automated reminders
  • Waiting lists
  • Analytics reporting



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