Zbizlink, a one-of-a-kind proposal creation and management tool designed to make your life easier! Our proposal dream tool has been a long time in the making.
Zbizlink is the ultimate portfolio and proposal management tool—providing project status, metrics, and sophisticated reports, accessible from the cloud-based dashboard. In the documents management workspace, you can easily upload, download, and track all your documents and files.
Zbizlink includes its own SharePoint resource library and a contracts database where you can search for contracts, proposals, RFPs, or any file—by subject, data type, author, solicitation number, category, dollar-value range, procurement agency or bidder, NIGP code, date range, date of creation or last modification, partner, and/or by keyword or phrase.
Zbizlink allows business partners, writers, editors, and subject matter experts to share information and work transparently. It fosters productive collaboration by making it very easy to work together in real time, 24/7. The document creation and editing process between users, teams, and partners is streamlined with powerful assessment tools, editing tools in the browser, and smart templates. Email and live chat is available from every module and you can send out notifications and alerts in real time.

The check-in/checkout feature tracks user activity, progress, and document history. This data can also be viewed as reports, which are simple to run and easy to customize. Access can be granted on a proposal-specific basis.

The smart search engine and metadata autofill ensures that all your work will always be easy to find. The built-in version control tool archives previous versions, which cannot be deleted. Backups are created automatically on the cloud and on your hard drive. Content is available offline and online, from any device.

Zbizlink enables successful and proactive collaboration, easy communication among team members, and ready access to everything they need—wherever they are and whenever they want it—right up until submission.

Key Features

  • Customized Proposal Builder
  • All-Purpose Dashboard
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Candidate & Partner Matching
  • Proposal-Specific Resume Builder
  • Instant Messaging, Reminders & Email
  • Social Media Space
  • Archived Notes & Communication



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