Traffika is SaaS tool for effective resource planning:
Easy-to-Use Planner - Speed up your planning. Filter and cross-filter according to people, projects or skills to quickly see who’s available, then just drag and drop to allocate jobs. Stay on top of your plan with either weekly or monthly view.
Intelligent Job Requests - Simplify your scheduling. Get an instant picture of your available talent to see who’s best suited for the job. Or have Traffika suggest the best person based on their previous performance.
Clean & Simple Dashboard - Keep the big picture clear. See how well you’re doing with an overview of your talent utilization, job requests, available talent, upcoming vacations and pending timesheets
Timesheets & Tracking - Stay on top of your users’ time. Get up-to-the-moment data on job progress with time tracking that automatically fills in each user’s timesheet.
Users & Rates Overview - Don’t get overwhelmed. See each of your users’ positions, skills, availability and pay rate in one place. Add, delete or deactivate users as required.
Automatic Financial Reporting - Don’t do your work twice. Once you’ve completed your planning, your financial reports will be generated automatically. No need to input the data again, migrate it to another app or calculate the results yourself.
Company Profitability - Save time as well as money. View your company’s monthly revenues, costs and profit in one easy-to-read chart to make sure you’re on target.
Project & Client Profitability - Make sure you’re earning enough. See how profitable – or unprofitable – each of your projects and clients is with revenue, cost and profit projections.
CEO of company has a complete view of the financial health of the company.

Key Features

  • Easy resource planning
  • Timesheeting and timetracking
  • Talent management
  • Financial insights
  • Employee profitability
  • Project profitability
  • Projects pipeline



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