Prodsmart is a real-time production tracking and management solution designed for businesses in the manufacturing and fabrication industries. Features include shop floor real-time data collection, production analysis, custom parameters, quality checklists, scheduling and planning tools, lot traceability and more.

Prodsmart helps businesses to define time limits for operations, manage different products and product families produced, control parameters and identify machine stoppages within the production line. Users can also keep track of their inventory at different stages of production, create custom parameters and import or export relevant documents from Microsoft Excel.

Highly customizable, Prodsmart is adaptable to the way your shop floor operates, allowing you to specify and collect the data you need to ensure cost effective, on-time production with minimal waste that meets your exacting quality requirements.

Set up is quick and easy, allowing you to import spreadsheets with products and other production information.

Additionally, Prodsmart enables businesses to add files with schematics and product specifications to their products, monitor the amount of waste produced and create quality checklists for the ‘quality control’ tasks. Mobile applications for iOS and Android devices are also offered to users that enable them to remotely manage their business operations.

Services are offered on a monthly subscription basis that includes support via phone, FAQs and online live chat.

Key Features

  • Track, Manage and Analyze your Operations
  • Easily Manage your Machines and Maintenance
  • Effectively Plan and Schedule your Production to meet your targets
  • Visualize workflows for better management
  • Identify bottlenecks in your production process
  • Simplify your Quality Audit Process
  • Create Quality Policies and other relevant documentation
  • Manage Raw Component Needs with Bill of Materials and Product Trees
  • Track Worker Performance with the integrated Punch Clock
  • Generate Production Reports in Real-Time
  • Available on Mobile devices



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