NeoFirma was founded in 2003 with the objective of leveraging the latest technology solutions for capturing, managing, and analyzing exploration & production information. In 2005, a consortium of energy companies led by T. Boone Pickens’ BP Capital saw the potential in NeoFirma, began using the software, and then invested in the company so other energy companies could also benefit from NeoFirma’s solution.
Today, over 60 clients run their businesses and make better, more timely decisions using NeoFirma’s solutions. Our clients are able to access information at all stages of a well’s lifecycle, take actions to increase the value of their assets, and keep investors informed of results. NeoFirma is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.
At a glance, NeoFirma’s production dashboard gives you a complete view of your operations, showing production history, well status, sales, and downtime. Our oil & gas production software also features a complete library of customizable production and operations reports for fields, batteries, multi-well facilities, and individual well performance.
NeoFirma’s cloud-based oil and gas production software gives users flexible solutions to capture and validate field operations data, including a new mobile app that simplifies daily well routes for lease operators.

NeoFirma now offers FieldApp, a powerful new Apple iOS mobile app designed specifically for lease operators and pumpers. Data is uploaded to NeoFirma’s cloud-based oil & gas production software, which provides instant access for reporting, analysis and sharing.

Track more than 100 configurable production attributes with ease using NeoFirma’s field data capture app, called FieldApp. Designed specifically with lease operators and field staff in mind, our field data capture app simplifies daily well routes, validates data entry, and automatically synchronizes field data with our leading cloud-based management tools.

NeoFirma makes it easy to manage all of your drilling, completion, workover, repair, and maintenance projects. Securely capture critical drilling and well data, such as costs, drill logs, mug logs, surveys, tubulars, cement, BOP inventory, and BHA runs. Then select from a complete library of reports to help your team track well work and optimize spending.

Our cloud-based reporting software gives field staff powerful tools to create daily drilling reports. NeoFirma simplifies the process of sharing data with back office staff and partners by automatically e-mailing daily drilling reports directly to stakeholders and by providing secure access to reports online.

Key Features

  • Production Dashboard
  • Report Library
  • Mobile Data Sync
  • Configurable Workflow
  • Data Validation
  • Charting and Mapping
  • PDF/Excel Export
  • Security Roles
  • Data Standardization
  • Unlimited users



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