Dataddo is cloud-based data platform built on top of high-performance, scalable data storage, and is designed to work with almost any online data service. The platform can transform and wire the data to a wide range of databases, DWH solutions, cloud storages, dashboarding and BI applications, allowing easy interoperability with existing IT and BI stacks. Dataddo delivers flexibility when new online data services are being increasingly adopted in a business environment.
Dataddo utilizes microservice architecture build by the design to be interoperable with almost any 3rd party on-line services (such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube) and on the other hand allow the data to be delivered to various data storages and data warehouses (such as Google Big Query or AWS RedShift) and also allow the data to be consumed by 3rd party business intelligence software (such as Klipfolio or Google Data Studio) via a REST API.
Dataddo saves companies many man-days of boring and laborious work thanks to automation. Using Dataddo companies can focus on their core business rather than operations. Dataddo is build to be operated by non-tech people. Thought the platform offers great capabilities in data manipulation and transformation, no coding is required to operate it.
One or multiple data sources can be orchestrated into a data structure similar to traditional SQL joins. Data structure allows further data transformations such as currency conversions, data concatenations or formula definitions. Dataddo's flexible architecture can even accommodate requirements for additional privacy and security through private deployments.

Key Features

  • Automatic data extraction
  • Automatic data collection
  • Data integration
  • Data transformation
  • self-service data preparation
  • Data delivery to file servers
  • Data collection for dashboarding / BI apps
  • Data delivery to data warehouse
  • 360° data platform
  • currency conversion
  • formula computation
  • Data encryption



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