Overview is an embedded analytics solution for smart SaaS companies & enterprises. It lets you build and integrate white-labeled dashboards into your own application or portal. And all of that in a fast, secure and user-friendly way.

Customer-facing reports & dashboards:
Offer interactive reports to your product users or customers, directly within your own application. Through token-based security, you can offer personalized dashboards to customers, without losing time of creating individual reports. The intuitive dashboard editor is easy to use for almost anyone. Let your account managers, or even your customers build the dashboards themselves, with simple drag & drop.

Speed up product innovation:
Using the integration, you can embed fully customized dashboards without having to develop a dashboard component yourself. Save your development team the time they need to focus on your core application. Embed the dashboards in less than 100 lines of code, by using our ready-made code snippet & fully documented integration API. White-labeling & styling can even be adapted without having to write a single line of code.

Flexible integration:
The platform is easily integrated in public websites, secured web applications or customer portals. It's compatible with major existing technologies & code languages, making it easier for developers to integrate the dashboards within their existing technology stack. You can keep making use of your existing technologies & authentication. re-uses your authentication, making sure you don't have to duplicate roles & users between platforms.

Key Features

  • Embedded analytics
  • Embedded dashboards
  • Integrated analytics
  • White-labeled dashboards
  • Integrated dashboards
  • Open API
  • Database integrations
  • Plugins
  • API documentation
  • Responsive and customizable dashboards



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