Centilytics is a cloud management platform, which helps organizations using public clouds to manage, secure, and optimize their entire cloud under one roof. It builds a meaningful picture of all your cloud expenses and breaks down the complex cloud billing into actionable insights.

We enable organizations with:
1. 360-degree visibility of their cloud spend and utilization
2. Optimization typically up to 20% in the first 3 months
3. Security and Compliance recommendations


1. Cloud Visibility: Visualize and understand every tiny detail across your entire cloud infrastructure from our all-in-one cloud management platform. Centilytics gives you 360-degree visibility and granular insights into each one of your accounts by services, regions, resource tags and much more.
- Single Pane of Glass
- Service-wise Analysis
- Region-wise Analysis
- Data Transfer Analysis

2. Optimization: Deep dive into all your cloud services and bend your cloud towards much more viable costs with resource utilization at its best.
- Resource Rightsizing
- Reserved Instance (RI) Planner

3. Governance and Reporting: 360° visibility into your entire cloud infra and billing trends with hourly-level granularity. Control your cost leaks and drive cost efficiency.
- Integrated Reporting & Budgeting
- Anomaly Detection
- Cost Projection
- Service Limits

4. Resource Allocation: We ensure 100% cost allocation across your entire cloud infra and help you keep track of each penny you spend on cloud.
- Tagging
- Reporting

5. Health Inspector: Make your entire infrastructure compliant with over 250 health checks and useful recommendations for cloud security, performance optimization and fault tolerance.
- Security Audit
- Fault Tolerance
- Performance Optimization

Value-added services:
1. On-demand Product Customization
2. Infra Assessment
3. Customer Adoption
4. Billing Support
5. Cost Effectiveness
6. No-Vendor Lock-In

Key Features

  • Cost anomaly detection
  • RI planner
  • Resource Utilization and Recommendations
  • Wastage Tracker
  • 250+ Health checks
  • Security Audit
  • Fault Tolerance recommendations
  • Service/Region wise analysis
  • 500+ Insights



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0% - 2%
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