Cardlife provide businesses the ability to monitor and manage all their subscriptions in one place, notify them if they’re overcharged and build intelligence and analytics to optimize subscriptions spending.

Did you know that the dirty little secret behind most successful online SaaS businesses is that they are highly reliant upon the apathy amongst their subscribers when it comes to canceling their recurring subscriptions?

It’s no secret that in the last few years online SaaS businesses have completely transformed the way we build and scale new businesses. By “online SaaS businesses” I mean any service you use to operate and manage your business. All your recurring online products that you use for your daily work: from a variety of Google Apps, to mailing list providers like Mailchimp and other online services like Dropbox, Github, Zendesk, Slack, Photoshop and more (lots more!).
Disclaimer: We (really) love SaaS
Despite everything, we can not emphasize enough how much we love online SaaS businesses.
When we would build our first startups a few years back, we would do everything in house and build all the services we needed internally. It was an amazing experience, using tools that we created ourselves and integrating all our services together; the only thing is - it almost killed our business. Luckily, today this is no longer necessary. Building everything internally means spending a lot of money on developing tools instead of focusing on how to scale and grow your business.

There is a clear correlation between the agile & lean startup movement and the shift towards online SaaS. As SaaS has become the dominant business model for software, more and more businesses are relying on subscriptions to work faster and scale quickly. While in the past it was mainly SMBs who took up these subscriptions due to their inability to produce the necessary products inhouse, nowadays subscription services are reshaping the entire face of enterprise IT, with large enterprises relying on them too.

That’s why we love SaaS so much - we get to use the best tools in the world, while we can focus on our core business and scale faster than ever before. It’s also why we are building our next business around online SaaS :)

Cardlife is on a mission to help great teams to take control of their online SaaS so they can kick ass at work.

Key Features

  • Business dashboard
  • Overcharges Alerts
  • Billing history
  • SaaS dashboard
  • Subscriptions



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