Kiva Logic


Online Software for Your Home Delivery Business. Kiva Logic gives you an ecommerce website for your customers to shop on, and an admin area for you to manage your business.

Delight your customers- We'll build a custom design for your website, and your customers will love how easy it is to sign up, shop and manage their account. Increase productivity- Our software is built to help save you time and automate monotonous tasks.

Work Anywhere- As long as you have an internet connection, you can log in and manage your business from anywhere. There is a front-facing website for customers to use, and a back-end business administration area for you and your employees to work.

Look & Feel- Your website will be responsive so when viewed on any device it looks beautiful. Use our proven theme for maximum customer conversion and interaction, or get in touch with us for a customer design.

iOS & Android- Apps are now available for both Android and iOS. Use push messaging capabilities to boost your sales and increase customer interaction.

Subscribe or a la carte- You can set up your website to have customers sign up for a subscription box, OR set your website up to allow customers to shop a la carte.

Inventory management & reports- Use advanced reports to see inventory demand for each day of the week. Print PDF invoices for your vendors/farmers, and easily copy/paste a distributor order into an email.

Easy add-ons- Products can be used in box menus, or simply as additional items. Use options for different sizes, and allow customers to have recurring orders of items.

Optimization- Built-in integrations with Routific, Road Warrior, WorkWave, GPX formats, Viamente, RouteSavvy, or use our in-app drag-and-drop routing style to help route your deliveries.

Routes - Customers are assigned a route and delivery day by postal code or suburb. Each route can have it's own cut-off time.

Labels- Each order has it's own packing label. Labels have 4 quadrants and an order can have up to 4 seperate labels to fit your warehouse operations.

Payment Methods- You can accept credit cards online using our,, integrations. You can also allow customers to pay by cash or check.

Billing Process- You can choose which day you want to run billing- the day before delivery, day of, or day after. The billing process is a simple 2 click process, or it can be set to run automatically for you.

Customers receive a receipt email, or if their was a payment issue they'll receive an eamil asking them to update their billing information.

Each customer has their own account that stores their contact info, delivery info, subscriptions, recurring products and more. Wholesale customers have access to a separate ordering interface and custom wholesale pricing, set by you.

Grow confidently, our infrastructure scales with you to handle as many customers as you have. Our global CDN ensures rapid fast websites no matter what country you are in.

Key Features

  • Delivery Management
  • Online subscription payments
  • Subscription box signup
  • Customer Billing Management
  • Discount, Promotional Codes, and Gift Certificates
  • Route Management
  • Customer signup and shop online
  • Recurring Product Settings for Customers
  • Customer Schedule Management
  • Base Schedule options from every week to every 12 weeks
  • A la carte shopping OR Subscription Signup Shopping



Starting from:
$1500 set up fee, then $1 per order, min $150/month
Pricing model:
Free Trial:
Available (no credit card required)


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