Resume Sorter


Resume Sorter is an automated resume / cover letter screening program.

It allows users to select multiple files for multiple jobs and 'sort' them simultaneously according to user specified criteria.

Files can be sorted between a passing or failing grade according to spelling errors, word count, or a keyword. If a resume / cover letter does not meet all of the specified criteria, it is not considered 'passing' - of course, each criteria can be marked required or not which gives the user total control over the results.

After sorting the files, the user has the choice of exporting the results to an easy to read Microsoft Word or text file. This makes sharing the results of the operation both easy to understand and share with other users.

The criteria in Resume Sorter make it a simple yet powerful way to screen resumes. Automating the screening process allows the user to screen more resumes while freeing up their time to use elsewhere.

There are also some additional options that can make Resume Sorter even more hands off. The notification option will make a chime sound when it is done sorting the files. This way users don't have to watch the program to know when it is finished.

The automatic open feature will open all passing resumes upon sorting completion. This is ideal for smaller jobs and having the results open as fast as possible.

Resume Sorter aims to take resume screening from a time consuming process to one that is efficient and as hands off as possible.

Key Features

  • Automatic resume screening
  • Automatic cover letter screening
  • Generates text or Word reports
  • User specified criteria
  • Intuitive interface
  • Simultaneous screening for multiple jobs



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