First and foremost, we have asked ourselves what were the processes which we really needed to coordinate and what would be the best way of doing so. The up side of running a software house is that all the requirements could have be handled by our coworkers. They not only know the technology but as a part of the organization show broad understanding of the procedures which required translation into the software. Because we were in the position of being able to adjust the system to the individual insights, MintHCM is very user-friendly and serves not only the managers but primarily the employee.
As employer branding, recruiting and analytics are a huge part of the software, its actual core is the ordinary information making the work easier for a regular team member. MintHCM was intended to organize the everyday tasks and improve the communication. Everyone is able to keep track of their jobs, so nothing gets forgotten or delayed due to some miscalculations or misunderstandings. Say goodbye to sticky notes and paper calendars that no one else but you have the access to. It really is time to follow the business trends and make your job more transparent. As it is a two-way road you will also receive feedback on the tasks in progress that you are currently waiting for. That truly is a win-win situation! Are you planning a business trip? Fill in the right fields and watch everything be handled for you. The office manager will know what hotel to book and for how many days. Do you need a car? Request it straight from the software. Is there a plane to catch? Inform the person in charge of the booking about your preferences and follow the progress of your application. See how easy it is when everyone is working in the same system? And that is not the end of the list of many useful functionalities provided by MintHCM.

Key Features

  • employer branding
  • recruitment
  • onboarding
  • employee profile
  • employee performance
  • employment history
  • time management
  • travel & expenses
  • resources booking
  • leave management
  • offboarding



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