What is Hundred5?
Hundred5 is a recruiting software that helps companies hire talents faster by screening candidates' skills as the first recruitment step. A quick job-specific test automatically filters out the least-suitable applicants, so you can fully focus on the strongest candidates.

How does Hundred5 work?
1. Create an engaging job-specific skill test to screen candidates' skills and knowledge
3. Share the test in places where your target is already hanging out
4. Set up automated follow-up emails to save your time on handling the process
5. The system automatically weeds out the least-suitable applicants, leaving you a smaller, better-qualified talent pool
6. Review the shortlist of the best candidates and decide who will be invited to the next round
7. Make strong skill-based hire with confidence

What can I use Hundred5 for?
- Create beautiful job opening campaigns to attract people
- Use readymade pre-employment tests or build your own job-specific tests to check candidates' skills right away
- Publish your hiring campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus
- Automate the follow-up emails to save time
- Reward top candidates with gifts to make good first impression and increase word-of-mouth
- Create beautiful mobile-friendly careers site that auto-updates with each new job opening you add in Hundred5
- See campaign performance metrics to improve your next hiring campaign

Who is it meant for?
Businesses that need to hire:
- faster
- more cost-efficiently
- remotely
- for diversity

Key Features

  • Pre-employment skill tests
  • Engaging job opening campaigns
  • Automated follow-up emails
  • Hiring pipeline dashboard
  • Beautiful career sites
  • Hiring campaign performance metrics
  • Gifts for top performers



Starting from:
Pricing model:
Free Trial:
30-day free trial (no credit card required)


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