ROI4CIO is a unique cooperation platform for IT-vendors, suppliers, distributors, resellers, users. ROI4CIO is a salestools for Vendors and marketplace for Users.

ROI4CIO is a platform designed to support interaction among IT market players and sourcing of IT products, partners, contractors and customers. ROI4CIO customizes IT products for clients based on neural network, automatically calculates pricing and configuration, projects ROI, and supports sending requests to all suppliers of a solution. IT vendors (distributors, resellers, developers) get new clients, close deals faster, cut costs and expand partnerships.

The creators of the ROI4CIO project decided that all market participants will only benefit if the minimum number of sales tools for all products are collected in one resource. It is convenient both for sellers who do not have time to study the portal of a separate manufacturer and it is necessary to "introduce new salesmen" and for buyers.
Buyers need this information because they also "sell" the decisions they chose to their management, and they need to quickly assess the budget with the changed parameters and give arguments to justify their choice.

To increase motivation for entering information about implementations, selling stories, values, problems to be solved, etc., the resource accrues internal scores to content authors.

A distinctive feature of this project is that all the data is used to translate into measured objective values. Vendors can enter an automatic quotator that calculates configuration and price after the customer completes a questionnaire. To assess the benefits, it is possible to use the ROI calculator.

The project also allows rebate from the vendor for reference.

Our Goal: to calculate the benefits of IT-products before their deployment and to show feedbacks on deployment results.

Key Features

  • ROI Calculators, Quote Tools



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