Practice Ignition


Practice Ignition takes proposal and quoting software to the next level with our built in contract generator and payment gateway. It helps you reduce debtors and streamline your sales process. It's a smarter way to run your client-focused business.

A lot of other proposal software isn't too different from sending over a slideshow. Sure, they look pretty, but do they do anything? Practice Ignition takes it to the next level by allowing you to take payments directly on your proposals. No payment, no engagement. That means you can start taking payments up front for your work and reduce debtors completely.

The contract generator ensures that every proposal sent out from your organization is compliant. There's no need to send a contract separately. Your terms of service are added automatically to every proposal based on the services that are added.

One esignature on your proposal covers your terms of service, payment terms and actually collects the payment. You'll wonder how you ever ran your business before Practice Ignition.

We use all of your proposal and payment data to build a smart business intelligence dashboard. Get an overview of your payment disbursals, revenue, deals closed and more. This is the kind of information your business needs to grow.

Our integrations allow you to fully automate your business. Start your workflow processes and automatically reconcile invoices. We plug in to Zapier, Xero, QuickBooks and more. The software was originally made for accountants so you know we play nicely with accounting software.

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Key Features

  • Smart proposal creation
  • Automatic contract generator
  • Easy esignatures
  • Client communication within proposals
  • Payment gateway included
  • Recurring billing
  • Different user permissions
  • Proposal personalization (logos and colors)
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Business intelligence dashboard



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