Nulius - Close your proposals. Create, send and track proposals

Nulius is a platform for creating project proposals that easily close and save you time during the process.
We help our users adapt fast and take control of every aspect of the proposal, they get more done in less time with our tools and have detailed insights of the process which lead to high closing proposals.

Idea - We spent just too much time preparing each proposal, whether it was just a simple or a complex one with a lot of pages. We had to find a way to automate this, and none of the current solutions didn't fit our needs. So, the decision was made, we'll create one.
Mission - Create an easy to use yet powerful tool to create and track proposals with high closing rate.
- Intuitive editor - Seamless migration and no learning curve at all
- Detailed activity - Everything that happens with your proposal gets recorded, so you can easily see the progress of closing. You'll get an email for the most important events as well
- Custom fields with formulas - Connect your custom fields, and easily change them later. Use formulas to calculate some of them. The document will update immediately. Imagine having the power of Excel formulas in a Word document.
- Detailed statistics - Know how much time your client has spent reading the proposal, segmented by page and version, it's a critical detail that will help you increase your closing rate.
- Custom templates - Save your proposal as a template and reuse it next time.

Key Features

  • project proposals
  • sales proposals
  • detailed reporting
  • detailed activity
  • team collaboration
  • intuitive editor
  • custom fields
  • custom formulas
  • client tracking
  • email notifications



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