Prioritize decisions and build more effective roadmaps – airfocus is the prioritization solution that helps you discover what truly matters. Gain clarity on the bigger picture with ease and in a matter of minutes. Import from Jira or Trello to get started right away. Start your free 30 day trial on

Prioritization is not an easy task.

In fact, companies that actively prioritize and manage
their strategic portfolio are worth 40% more than their peers.
– McKinsey –

airfocus helps decision makers in solving
the most common challenges of the prioritization process:

1. How to prioritize: Create an intuitive scoring framework that brings clarity to the structure of higher-level initiatives. Score your projects across multiple value and cost criteria to get an objective base for your decisions.
2. How to stay aligned: Involve collaborators and other stakeholders into decision-making and communicate your priorities and roadmap transparently so everyone can follow your lead and be more productive.

How it works:
- Choose your strategic drivers: airfocus provides you with ready-to-use templates built on the most effective decision-making methods. Choose one to get started or select your own custom set of criteria.
- Add your items: Select and add projects, ideas, and / or initiatives as items on your list. Or simply use our integrations to import from Jira or Trello to have your content synced across all your tools.
- Rate your items: Provide a rating for each of your items' criteria. You now have a prioritized list based on the factors & criteria you chose earlier.
- Discuss, decide and share: As far as input goes, that's it. Switch to chart, board or timeline view and start discussing priorities with your team and stakeholders. Make decisions on who, what, when and share your roadmap to get everyone aligned.

Key Features

  • prioritization
  • decision-making
  • roadmap creation
  • gantt chart
  • bubble chart
  • product management
  • product manager
  • project manager
  • scoring



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