Riter is a project management and team collaboration tool. It provides smart sprint and task planning, time estimation and tracking based on trainable artificial intelligence algorithms, extensive third party integration with a system of bots and full GraphQL API. Riter allows to manage not only separate projects, but the entire company, customers and teams, monitor statistics, communicate, share files, work with multiple projects, plan, estimate and track the workflow, add tags, todos, task states, control access and much more.

You already can:
- organize your teamwork and project management process;
- manage your company, teams, customers and projects;
- work with separate projects, project groups, tasks and subtasks (todos);
- plan sprints and tasks, assign users, manage access;
- change task states, add topics (tags);
- share files, discuss tasks;
- estimate and commit time spent on work;
- track detailed statistics with various types of reports;
- anything else with complete GraphQL API and documentation.

Coming soon:
- Riter AI to reduce frequent errors in project management. Riter is learning to increase sprint planning and time estimation accuracy analyzing current team load, developers' coefficients of precision and productivity. With these features we could always find out about real deadlines and possible risks in time to prevent them.
- system of bots to provide flexibility and any necessary scalability for your needs.

Riter already includes a complete documentation and all basic functionality for stable work. It is free for basic usage without time/users/projects limits. We also provide alternative payment terms - for connected bots, not individual users, which is more suitable for the nowaday's market.

Key Features

  • Smart sprint & task planning



Pricing model:
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