ISETIA helps people to plan, manage, collaborate, execute and create reports from documents on projects, programs and portfolios. It helps automate consistent and repeatable processes, increase efficiency, improve visibility and better utilize resources. It results in improvement of productivity, reduction of operational costs and mitigation of risk.

ISETIA is designed to help small, medium and large organizations manage their projects, programs and portfolios successfully. Its unique character is based on covering needs at the same high standard at all levels of organization with micro and macro planning, extraordinary multidimensional visualisation and interactive methods. ISETIA introduces revolutionary move from a general structure of folders and subfolders into the private information zone, which may be tailored to particular business needs. Its professional, real-time collaboration platform makes creating a unique document flow simple, fast and effective.

ISETIA is run on the cloud/on premises and offers a number of pre-configured modules aligned to different project environments and needs, allowing users to begin benefiting from the solution immediately. The product is constantly under development and can be tailored to particular organization’s specific needs.

Several modules, are available, including: Document Management, 3P Management, Cost Management, Process Management, Risk Management, Issue Management, Lessons Learned and BIM Module. ISETIA creates a multidimensional world.

Key Features

  • Document Management,
  • 3P Management, Cost Management
  • Progress Tracking, BI Reporting, Task Management
  • Process Management, Risk Management
  • Issue Management, Lessons Learned and BIM
  • Workflow, East Integration



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