With Fieldbook, it's easy to turn a spreadsheet into a powerful online, relational database. Businesses have had success with using Fieldbook to track professional service work, as a lightweight CRM for a distributed sales team, to track work items for product development, for product roadmap planning, to schedule usability tests, to manage a recruiting pipeline, to track custom workflows and business processes.

How is Fieldbook different from a spreadsheet? Fieldbook is meant for tracking lists, unlike spreadsheets (which are optimized for accounting and finance). So things that are frustrating in spreadsheets, are a joy in Fieldbook. Fieldbook has a grouped view that is perfect for tracking a workflow or pipeline. Each row in Fieldbook can be viewed in a full-screen detail page, where you can add as much detail as needed. You can easily search, sort and filter—and save those views to get back to later with one click, or to share with your team. You can link sheets so that it's easy to view and edit related items—such as all the tasks assigned to a person or all the contacts for a company.

Are you a developer? Every Fieldbook automatically gets a JSON-based REST API. Seamlessly integrate Fieldbook with your systems, or extend it with custom UI. Need a configuration database or CMS? Create a schema in Fieldbook, and anyone on your team can fill it out. Then access it via the Fieldbook API. No need to build a custom admin interface.

Lastly, Fieldbook takes your privacy and data security seriously. All access to Fieldbook is over secure (encrypted) HTTPS connections. We're careful about encrypting passwords and other access tokens. We protect against common security vulnerabilities such as CSRF (cross-site request forgery). Your data is yours. We treat all data as confidential. We never access your account or view your data without explicit prior permission—and then only temporarily, to diagnose a problem you're having.

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