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Dead Drop is a B2B collaboration system that allows for safe communication, secure file-sharing, and easy project management.
o Project Based – everything within Dead Drop is conducted within the scope of a project. Messages and files remain within their project. You add individual Dead Drop users as members of the project and only they have access to the data.
o Secure Messaging - very much like email, but all messages reside within the system and their contents never leave the safe environment of the Dead Drop system. Only generic message notifications leave Dead Drop.
o File Sharing – any type of file can be uploaded into Dead Drop. The maximum file size for an individual file is 5 GB. All files are scanned for malware and potential maliciousness.
o Lightweight Collaboration – each project in Dead Drop has a project calendar where project members can add events and milestones. It’s a great way to keep project items visible and in front of project team members.
o Audit Trail – Dead Drop records who is performing any type of action within the project and allows project owners to run reports and easily understand what actions have taken place within their projects. This also includes the user’s location, IP address, and their login attempts.
o Total Control – Company Administrators have the ability to backup and restore their company database instance themselves, whenever they need to. There’s no need to contact our Customer Service and Support team, but you can if you would like help. Don’t worry, they won’t bite and it doesn’t even cost extra.

Key Features

  • Send files securely instead of compromising company data
  • Promote team member accountability via the audit trail or login monitoring
  • Store project files in the cloud instead of using boxes and folders that can go missing
  • Work and communicate with remote teams seamlessly instead of waiting for conference calls
  • Manage projects in one place instead of drowning in confusing email threads
  • Keep business secrets safe instead of losing them to the competition



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