Despite the many advances in tech over the last decade, the majority of construction project managers still use Excel spreadsheets. Creating and maintaining sheets with thousands or tens of thousands of rows is time consuming, leaves very little room for automation, and is the main cause for the majority of construction projects worldwide to run behind schedule and over budget.

BuilderEdge, the only construction ERP based on the Salesforce platform, is designed to help construction managers deliver projects on time and within budget by automating scheduling and budget planning, working with templates and entities for easier project creation and maintenance, enforcing existing or new quality practices, and using real time data to update project status on the fly. As BuilderEdge is based on Salesforce’s platform, users don’t have to worry about updating to the latest version, maintaining backups, or buying new hardware when they need to scale.

BuilderEdge manages all aspects of a construction project from pre-construction to closeout, and can also integrate with existing systems.


Real time visibility:
Any stakeholder, from a client to contractors and owners, can see for themselves, at a glance, how the project is advancing, and easily gain actionable insights into potential issues that can delay the project’s success.

Total project management:
BuilderEdge connects all your project requirements in one place. Contracts, quality control, reporting, budgets, project overview, scheduling, and more, are all handled in one central location, and integrated with each other.

Easy to use:
An intuitive interface and clear workflow makes it easy for users to set up and start using BuilderEdge within days.

Construction Cloud - Access anywhere:
With BuilderEdge’s mobile interface and cloud based storage, the project can be updated from anywhere, with no need to additional setup, configuration, or added maintenance costs.

QA and control:
BuilderEdge pre-determines the quality checks required for each project, setting them up automatically. Contractors must approve each stage of the project before moving on to the next, ensuring maximum quality with minimum friction.

Track decisions:
Each stage is documented and archived for future reference, making it easy to track project decisions and changes.

Key Features

  • End-to-end project management
  • Cloud based
  • Fully Customizable
  • Project templates
  • Automated quality control setup
  • Budget-Payment validation
  • Budget Module
  • Schedule Module
  • Quality Module
  • Field Management



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