Kelloo's resource planning software enables you to organize, prioritize and plan your work in a quick and visual way.

Unlike traditional resource planning solutions Kelloo works out your schedule for you based on your work priorities and resource availability. This means you don’t have to worry about setting dates for your work and micro managing plans. You simply enter your work into Kelloo, set your priorities, tell Kelloo what type of resources are needed to do the work and Kelloo will work out the optimum schedule for you.

As we know, in the real world things change all the time. So Kelloo makes it easy for you to respond those changes. A new project pops up and becomes the top priority - no problem. Just drag it to the top of the work list and Kelloo will work out a new schedule for you.

The scenario modelling (sometimes called what if) features in Kelloo mean you can understand the impact of external changes and pressures on your current schedule. So if you are asked to take on more projects, reduce headcount or you need to understand how things will look it your estimates are out by 10% you can quickly model these things and see how they impact your capacity plans.

In Kelloo you will also find a range of analytics and reports which really help resource and portfolio managers make the most of their resources. So things like utilization reporting become a breeze.

With Kelloo you can plan any type of work including projects, programmes and agile teams. So forget using spreadsheets for resource planning. - with Kelloo you will spend less time planning and more time doing.

Key Features

  • Capacity planning
  • Visual planning
  • Advanced analytics



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