Kanbanize is an online Kanban software for business. It is an easy-to-use visual project management software that applies Lean and Kanban principles. It helps boost productivity without sacrificing user-friendliness. Kanbanize users manage and track tasks, projects and workflows with the use of boards and cards. Project teams are able to collaborate, control the number of WIP and get work done easily. They are able to measure and analyze bottlenecks in the system with the help of real-time updates and visual feedback. Its powerful Analytics provide charts and graphs that help users make accurate conclusions and informed decisions to do the next steps.
Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

Flexible Core Features – Kanbanize visual project management software allows for unlimited number of Kanban boards. Users can add columns and sub-columns, as well as horizontal swim lanes to address priority, classes of work, and customers, among others. Users can define custom roles and assign them to users per board. They can define how they see tasks, how boards look like, how users receive notifications as well as default settings. It is also easy to copy, move, or delete boards from a project and set WIP limits per column, sub-column or cell.

Powerful Advanced Features – This web-based Kanban software has the capability to add links between tasks for easier visualization of hierarchies. Users can define rules or Runtime Policies to automate workflow. It also has reporting features that can show how much time each person has worked on a task, or on a given day, or on specific periods of time. It integrates with email so users can create tasks with their favorite email client. It has provisions for custom task fields, subscription-based notification, and configurable user-based WIP limits.

Customizable Kanban Cards, Powerful Analytics Module, and more – Kanbanize enables the user to set an unlimited number of subtasks, where metrics are collected on a per task level. The ability to divide work into smaller units allows user to have a master portfolio Kanban board with a high level scope and view as well as multiple team-level Kanban boards for day-to-day activities. Its powerful analytics can provide multiple charts that are automatically populated. Example of reports are Cumulative flow, Cycle time, Task distribution and the latest Flows chart that can show valuable information for a number of cards including Blocked and Cycle times. It can also provide timesheet reporting in Excel, create daily backups of the database, custom domain or sub-domain and front-page branding.

Key Features

  • easy workflow management
  • advanced analytics
  • real-time updates
  • user-friendliness
  • flexible core features



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