We believe the only way to remove complexity is to be radically simple.
That’s why we have developed Gettick. A tool designed for the most complicated projects, tasks clients or teams. In Gettick we’ve removed all unnecessary from most huge task management tools and kept only the essentials so the work actually moves forward.
We are not for everyone and everything. We are here for those who need to be freed from long km of emails, for those who need focus, for those who always know where their data and information are.
We are Gettick. We are for the most complicated.
Meet your clients halfway. Let you clients reach you at [email protected], add this address to Gettick and let everyone on the team serve clients as best they can in one simple interface.
Own the communication. With Gettick, it's your company who owns all the data. This means that new team members can get up to speed quickly and when someone leaves the company, you won't lose a single email.
Team chat. Communication with the clients is one thing, but how about discussions among team members? Gettick brings your team communication together in a neat team chat that ensures you'll never end up in chaos again.
Private messages. The fastest way to communicate with each other. Send messages, share files, or even make video calls.
Files for each client in one place. Upload and share files within your project. All the shared files remain in the workspace so your team has easy access to them and can continue to work with them.

Key Features

  • Focus Platform



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