Hypersay is a platform for interactive presentations that massively increase engagement.
Keep your audience engaged with polls, questions, private notes and live slide sharing. Store, enrich & deliver presentations from your cloud.
Join 30.000 professionals in 170 countries using Hypersay to deliver lessons, lectures, conferences and power events.

Manage your presentations in the cloud.
Upload PowerPoint files, import Google Slides, organise your past, present & future presentations.

Prepare your presentation
Enrich the content of your presentation.
Add interactive polls, quizzes, questions and extra content.

Live Session
Participants join your session using their devices.
Now they can follow your slides, answers polls, take notes and post questions.

Stay in touch with your participants.
Each presentation automatically generates a group. Easily send and receive post-event messages.

Key features include:
- Live Slide Sharing - share slides with participants in real-time on their device.
- Live Polls/Quizzes - instant or pre-defined polls & show results în real-time.
- Live Open Question - allow participants to type in answers to open questions.
- Interactive Images - upload images & allow participants to drag dots.
- Embed Videos - add YouTube/Vimeo videos in your presentation.
- Audience Q&A Wall - crowdsource questions during your session ordered by votes.
- Private Notes - participants can take private, contextual notes.
- Feedback - gather automatic feedback at the end of your session.
- Phonetic Codes - share your session using easy-to-pronounce codes.
- Claps - participants can send claps for the duration of your session.
- Anonymity - allow unregistered participants to join.

30.000 professionals in 197 countries are using Hypersay
Increase engagement
Teachers and lecturers are using Hypersay to increase student engagement by:
adding activities to existing slides;
turning students’ devices into educational tools;
giving a voice to all students.

Events & conferences
Fight #deathbypowerpoint
Conference speakers & organisers use Hypersay to keep the audiences engaged and to track their level of satisfaction.
Follow-up features proves to be of massive help.

Lead generation
Companies use Hypersay to engage their existing & potential customers.
Marketing & sales teams can now centralise information on the effectiveness of their presentations to an individual level.

Key Features

  • Live Slide Sharing
  • Live Polls / Quizzes
  • interactive powerpoint presentations
  • Audience Q&A Wall
  • Private Notes
  • Follow-up
  • Session Report
  • Embed Videos
  • Interactive Images
  • Custom Branding




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