Agilefant is a comprehensive agile project/product management solution for teams of all sizes and types. Currently, it has more than 30,000 users. Agilefant has both open source version and cloud-based versions that offer the basic features of agile project development tools that are associated with Scrum and Kanban methods.

The tool has features such as project boards, stories, burn-up and burn-down charts, timeline views. Agilefant provides a number of advanced features for iteration management, project management, product management and portfolio management. Agilefant is a tool for all roles.

Main features:

Iteration Management: Prioritize stories and tasks using drag-n’-drop. Pull stories from many products and projects into a single iteration. See total estimated effort left and spent from the burndown. Set dependencies between stories. Provide a read-only access for external stakeholders.

Project Management: Prioritize the project’s stories as a list. Split bigger features into stories that fit in an iteration. Master multi-team projects with parallel iterations. Release burn-up shows progress against planned scope. Keep track on projects’ key performance indicators.

Product management: Split epics to release-sized features. Trace small iteration-sized stories to product and business goals. Schedule stories into projects and iterations. Filter the backlogs based on story attributes. Identify stories by labels. Add business value on stories.

Time tracking and reporting : Easy and fast time tracking with automatic spent counter since last entry. Log spent effort to the detail you need – to tasks, stories, iterations, projects, and products. Create reports and export timesheet data to Excel. Monitor how much time you have spent on your daily activities.

Key Features

  • Scrum and Kanban features, reporting, iteration management, project management, portfolio management



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