TaskOnBot is ALL IN ONE Task Management bot for Slack. It is developed so you don't need to open external task management tool to add, assign & filter tasks working in team. You can easily add and filter tasks in Slack when conversation is going on.
You can create and assign tasks to your team members within the project channel. Once installed, you can create and assign the tasks to your team members in easiest way.

TaskOnBot key features are:
- Create and assign tasks in seconds
Tasks can be created inside any Slack Channel when the conversation is going on.

- Track Tasks in Real time
Track ongoing tasks of Your Project in Real time.

- Create Sub tasks and Checklists easily
There are situations where you need to break a task into subtask. Now you can also add subtasks and checklist against any task from Slack.

- Meet deadlines
Set Due Date & Time, comments and even attach files to tasks using TaskOnBot so you Never forget when details about your Task.

- Add Recurring Dates for repetitive tasks
There are times when you need to assign tasks repetitively. To deal with this, now you can easily add recurring dates for Daily, Weekly and Monthly tasks.

- Advanced Dashboard
Whats more! You get Advanced Dashboard where you can check analytics about team tasks performed in your team. This will help Team Members to tap in the tasks which are assigned to them with ease and without any failure.

- Notifications Helps you Track the Work-Flow
When a new Task is created, TaskOnBot Automatically Sends the Notification to all the team members involved in the task. Whats more, it sends daily reminder of pending tasks.

- Generate Report of Team in single Click
Simply export the Progress Report of your team by Member Name, Status & Priority. Also, you can download report and even send it as email.

Key Features

  • Unlimited tasks
  • Multiple assignees
  • Daily Reminder of due tasks
  • Task priorities (4 levels)
  • Advanced Dashboard for All Users
  • Checklists and Subtasks
  • Clone tasks
  • Add Comments and Attach Files with Tasks
  • Recurring due dates
  • Print and Share Unlimited Reports
  • Integration with Google Calendar
  • Custom Team Name and Logo



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