StepShot Guides


Simple Yet Powerful Software for Creating Training Manuals and Guides

StepShot guides is unique help authoring software for creating training manuals, technical blog reviews, software workflow presentations and step-by-step guides with no hassle.

The tool is designed to be exposed to a wider range of target groups; not only business people but also bloggers, students, teachers, and training specialists who are sick and tired of spending countless hours on explaining standard procedures and workflows.

Why Is It Worth Trying Out?

- StepShot Guides helps make better use of time by explaining how things work in a prompt manner with the help of the sequence of screenshots made on every mouse click.
- The product is distinguished by its hassle-free interface design and ease of use. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to utilize the software.
- Compatibility with Windows and Mac operating systems. Linux is on its way.

StepShot Guides is not one of those off-the-shelf, time-sensitive software which is aimed at business people only. It is nothing of the kind, quite the opposite: our tool is developed to serve everyone regardless of the occupation, status or age in order to address their both work-related and life-related issues.

Why Are We Better than Any Other Fee Solution?

We have a competitive edge over other tools since we offer great simplicity, time-saving benefit, and cross-platform support.
Meanwhile, do you think StepShot Guides can tackle your day-to-day issues? If you have some doubts, contact us via [email protected] or let’s schedule a short call and we will dispel your hesitations.

Key Features

  • Multiple screenshot capturing on every mouse click
  • Single screenshot capturing
  • Image annotating (add geometrical figures and text boxes; blur and crop images, etc.)
  • Exporting to PDF
  • Publishing to Wordpress
  • Possibility to upload images from your computer
  • Hassle-free interface design
  • Ease of use
  • Compatibility with Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Linux is on its way



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$12.00 / month
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